To Blog or Not To Blog

Okay, I confess – I have only just recently been “bitten” by the social media bug.  Up until now, I truthfully couldn’t see the point in blogging, “tweeting,” or spending even one second on-line creating an ode to myself on Tumblr, MySpace, Face Book or the countless other social media sites that seem to have captivated  our nation and redefined our culture.  I am a business woman (owner of a full-service website design & development company), a mother of an active two-year old, and an avid runner, so time for such heretofore deemed “foolish pursuits” is definitely scarce.  That was then – this is now….

Now, I have seen the light.  Social media can be an incredibly powerful marketing and communications tool.  Just ask President Obama!  When used correctly, social media can help raise awareness of, and funds for, nonprofit organizations and causes; sell products; reinforce branding; build customer bases; promote events; foster and create professional networks; and much, much more.  In fact, it seems the only thing that social media can’t do is clean my house (then again, I could use it to find a highly recommended cleaning service in my area). 

Having learned about the “super powers” of social media, I can now say that I am a true convert to the cause.  I am now offering “social media 101” for all of my clients and incorporating social media applications into my standard website design packages.  Though the use of social media does demand a fair amount of time from those users who wish to maximize its benefits,   I believe it is time well spent and should be an integral part of any dynamic and comprehensive marketing campaign.   To blog or not to blog?….by all means – blog away!


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