Facebook Is Bent on Driving Us All Crazy

It happened again. I opened my email only to find that dreaded message from Facebook telling me they’ve made some “improvements” to my account.  In Facebook lingo “improvements” translates into “we totally screwed with our interface and guaranteed you several hours or even days of confusion and frustration as you try to familiarize yourself with our counterintuitive measures to ‘improve’ your user experience.”

Yes folks, even experienced social media users like the staff at OSC find ourselves at the mercy of the Facebook machine! We are, like you, frustrated by their continuing inability to create a fan page user experience that is simple and straightforward, but trapped by the promise of it’s potential power and its status as the number one social media network on the planet.  Basically, Facebook is the party that everyone wants to be at, no matter what the rules, dress code or etiquette it requires us to follow to do so!

So here we all are at the big Facebook party, once again playing the maniacal network’s own crazy game of “musical chairs” (or interfaces).  And while we all scramble to decipher the latest version of the accompanying deranged beat, one thing is for certain – we will all eventually master the latest set of “improvements” to our fan pages – just in time for Facebook to change the game once more.

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