Out-Source Communications Directs Focus Group for Waterbury Youth Services

November 17, 2010

On Thursday, November 11th, Rikki Crea and Elizabeth Barone of Out-Source Communications (OSC) facilitated a focus group at Waterbury Youth Services. The objective of the group was to determine how the organization can best use its marketing budget to raise awareness of various issues among teens.

Soribel, Brenda, and Arturo jot down ideas during our brainstorming session.

Soribel, Brenda, and Arturo jot down ideas during our brainstorming session.

During the brainstorming session of the focus group, OSC asked Waterbury Youth Services’ Strategic Prevention Framework Coordinator Caryn Olcik, and Kennedy High School students Soribel Ogando, Arturo Pelegrin, Laura Romero, and Brenda Salazar, where teens spend most of their time online and offline.

The discussion yielded some suprising and not so suprising results.  According to the focus group, physically – teens spend the majority of their time at school and at various recreation centers across the city –  a circumstance that has remained constant it seems for decades.  Sporting events and centers such as Waterbury’s PAL center are also extremely popular “hang-outs” for youth while teen dance clubs and other entertainment venues fell to the bottom of the “hangout list.”   Facebook remains the most popular “virtual” teen hangout followed closely by YouTube.   The group also discussed physical and virtual “hangouts” for younger teens, which differed slightly from those of older teens when it came to physical environments, but remained the same for “online” environments.

The group next identified and prioritized the various media that has the most impact on teens (word of mouth as the number one in both physical and online environments) — for both younger and older teens collectively — and came up with a few possible marketing strategies to spend the rest of the year’s budget on.

The group also identified a few action steps to further assist them in their objectives, including developing a survey for middle and high school students based on the findings of the focus group, and comparing the results of the survey with focus group’s results to further develop their marketing plan.

Out-Source Communications thoroughly enjoyed the focus group, and is looking forward to working further with Caryn, Arturo, Brenda, Soribel, Laura, and the other teens involved in Waterbury Youth Services in the near future.

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