Why MySpace is Still Important

August 22, 2009

“Use Facebook! Get LinkedIn! Are you tweeting yet?”

Does this sound familiar? All of the experts stress the importance of having profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Surf the web a little bit and you will likely see most websites sporting these logos — all except for MySpace. Actually, more websites are poking fun at MySpace rather than taking it seriously anymore.

However, even though MySpace has seen a decline in users, the site still has a firm and dedicated user base.

I still have several friends who refuse to leave MySpace for Facebook, saying that they can’t navigate Facebook as easily as they can navigate MySpace. If your business or nonprofit is not on MySpace, you could be missing out on valuable new customers.

The Facebook Vs MySpace battle has been argued all over the web for the last couple of years. What it comes down to, however, is getting your product or service available to as many people as possible.

You might be thinking something like: “But I already have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a blog! How can I possibly manage one more thing?”

The answer is simple. You should be setting aside about sixty minutes a day to update all of your social media. When you update your other profiles, update your MySpace as well.

  • Update MySpace and Facebook using the same status, then tweet it on Twitter.
  • Repost your company blogs on Facebook notes and MySpace blogs.
  • Use Twitter to draw attention to your regular blog when you update it.
  • When you log in to each service, answer comments, @replies, messages, and DMs as quickly as possible. You may want to appoint someone else to do this for you.

MySpace Tip: MySpace profiles are fully customizable; you can modify the colors on your profile to match the colors on your company’s website — something you can’t do on LinkedIn or Facebook. Visitors coming to your MySpace will be just as comfortable with your brand’s familiar colors and logo as they are on your website.

Elizabeth K. Barone is a web designer, multimedia expert, and loves playing Sims 2 on her PC.

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